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We (you and all of “us”) live in a hyper-commercialized world where each of us is not only a consumer but also a product. Our identities and behaviors and stances and beliefs are hammered on the anvil of data.

We, each of us, have been manipulated to answer a c call of duty in the Battles of the Brands and the Wars of Ideas. What do we have in common anymore? Without that, our society is torn asunder.

We have at our core a common foundation of human-being-nous. This is what LogoFreeLiving represents — the commonality of all people. We celebrate the innate human need for expression and temper that by the equally innate human desire to be a part of a group, to have an identity among compatriots for which we band together to advance our common cause.

The LogoFreeLiving name is a call to arms; the LogoFreeLiving logo is our flag, and enmeshed on the field serves as our banner. To display the LogoFreeLiving logo asserts that you know you exist in a game world, that you have been called on to be a pawn, and yet for all of the other flags and banners that you wear, the logos that you collect, you declare your independence from these, and you assert your willful participation because, at your core, you are we with us in knowing that it is all a matter of choice.

Be proud of your uniqueness (the collection of flags and banners you have assembled) but do not forsake your sameness (that one is all and all are one) because all are one-in-the-same in the grand scheme of the universe.


The One that Always is is.

What is the "The OAI"?

The OAI is what this is all about. Or not. You'll need to decide.


Membership in the tribe of LogoFreeLiving is an antidote to the homogenized nature of logo-ized living.

We have a collection of AI-generated atistic banners that are beautiful, related, but don't declare their identity overtly. These banners signal membership by representing the amorphous nature of inclusivity and diversity. Fly the banner where you can to let others in-the-know know that you know. And for those that don't... well, a knowing look in your eye evokes the glamour of mastery and mystery.